Block_inidpath is a MOODLE module responsible for converting a “one size fits all” course into its individualized equivalent.

In order to make it available for the teachers and/or course designers the platform administrator should install the block like any other MOODLE plugin and make it visible. Then the person interested in using the block should add it to the course (option: add the block).The detailed instruction how to install and use the module can be found in the guide for teachers and course authors (

The module could then be used for converting a general “one size fits all” course (already created on MOODLE) into its adaptive version, that would offer different activities (and sometimes also different learning content) depending on the learner’s profile, previously identified by the appropriate test. It plays a role of the selection algorithm which chooses the pieces of content that should be made available and the other which should be hidden in order not to disturb the learner.

Anyone interested in implementing the block on the other VLE should create a dedicated API, that would enable integration of the block with that VLE. The source code of the block has been published under the GPL licence and can be downloaded from: Two language versions are available – Polish and English, in two modes each – with locally stored namespace for XML files and with the reference to the names space stored on the server. The user can choose the appropriate one corresponding to their needs.